Analytic Services

Reports and analyses – straight from your shelf 

Start benefiting from even more effective KPIs through real-time data analysis. Smart shelves provide live performance data for locations, stock items or categories. Is your new product introduction going to plan? Is your category management succeeding? With neoalto, you get first-hand reports and analyses – directly from your shelf, in real time, retrievable anywhere.

Support the market launch of new products and enhance your evaluations with live performance analyses. Improve your category management with up-to-date outgoing quantities data from each and every shelf. Compare locations, promo placements and a whole lot more. Stay on top of all your stock trends, with inventory, outgoing quantities, tops & flops – keeping you right up to date, all the time.  

Reports – Examples

Outgoing Quantities

All outgoing quantities from your shelves, filtered by date, location, category, and much more. Data is clearly displayed as a curve or each item removal with a time stamp, and of course in exportable form. Full transparency in real time, even without cash register data.

Inventory History

Stay on top of your inventory at all times. Learn of any stock-out problems, and see what patterns show up, based for example on days of the week, time of day, and a wide range of other criteria. Useful as a graphic tool or as exportable individual data.

Tops & Flops

Always know how things are going, instantly and in real time: which products are leading the pack, how are the brands performing, where does the promo need a push? All outgoing quantities in the ranking, with numerous filter options and an export function.

Shelf Hotspots

Where are the best spots? One shelf, one stock item – but even here, some spots are hotter than others. Identify your hotspots and use them for promotions, new product introductions and category management.

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How it works

neoalto’s IoT technology and POS TUNING’s push feed systems turn each shelf into a smart shelf. 

The neoalto Stock Beacons use state-of-the-art laser technology to record inventory and stock movements. They send these data to the neoalto Service Cloud.

The data are used for performance and trend analyses as well as automatic orders, and they prompt store employees to replenish items in time.

Successful promos and launches, more effective KPIs

Faster response times

Sensors record data at the shelf itself

Analytic Services

Real-time performance analyses and trends

Data is uploaded to the cloud application

Live data enhance existing analyses

How all this helps you

With neoalto’s Analytic Services, real-time analyses and trends ensure you are always in the know about how everything is performing.

Your benefits

  • Live performance data for locations, stock items, or categories  
  • All trends available everywhere thanks to cloud application  
  • More successful market launches through real-time performance data at item, category, and location level  
  • Live data gives you new insights into how products are performing on the shelf  
  • Better category management through ongoing trend analyses  
  • You generate the data directly from your shelf – saving on manual data collection costs 
  • All data is easily exported, so you can feed live data into existing market research analyses bringing them right up to date  
  • Transparency in the performance of promo placement vs. core stock placement  
  • Compare different promo placements, even within the same location

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