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neoalto - Making supply simply better

Welcome to neoalto!

We are revolutionizing the procurement and management of consumer goods. With our smart tracks and sensor elements, we optimize supply processes for manufacturers and wholesalers, e.g. from the healthcare, industrial and consumer goods sectors. Automation and digitization lead to lower costs, smooth operation and more freedom for your core tasks. Simply make supply better with neoalto!

What we do

Our mission: Optimization for your success

At neoalto, everything revolves around making supply processes simpler, more efficient and more cost-effective. Our focus is on automating and digitizing manual activities. In this way, we create free space for your really important activities.

Our solutions: Smart Tracks - the digital future of supply

With our Smart Tracks, we create quasi “fully automated distribution points” for manufacturers and wholesalers from the healthcare, industrial and consumer goods sectors. Thanks to our intelligent sensor elements, Smart Tracks detect consumption and transmit it to the neoalto cloud.

The benefits for you and your customers are immediate:

  • Perfect availability of goods: no more overstocks or bottlenecks. Consumables are always in the right place at the right time.
  • Minimal costs: Through optimized delivery costs, storage costs, process costs and less shrinkage and markdowns, both you as a manufacturer or wholesaler and your customers or consumers benefit from neoalto technology.
  • Smooth operation: Thanks to automation and digitization, process disruptions and thus process costs are reduced.
  • Relief for your customers: Our solutions enable their customers to no longer have to worry about procurement and administrative processes related to their products.

Our history

The development of neoalto


Foundation of neoalto


Solution to Automatic Ordering with great success


Firmware SB, Analytic Services


Beacon Gateway, Calibration, Lost Sales

Your success is our drive

At neoalto, we are passionate about optimizing their supply chain to their customers. Our technology offers seamless integration with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition to a more efficient future.
Swap manual processes for intelligent solutions and simply make supply better with neoalto!

Get to know us

Our team works with passion and high commitment on the vision of neoalto: We want to bring the digital and analog worlds together and combine the best of both worlds.

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