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Create planograms with neoalto

Shortages and empty shelves are history

Planograms are extremely popular in retail and are nothing more than the graphic representation of the sales shelf. They are often created based on the number of products per store. Our digital shelves use a cloud-based AI system that uses sensory technology to help optimize and customize your planogram.

neoalto technology revolutionizes your shelving in a wide range of industries and sectors, such as:

in trade

in the industry

in health care

in C-parts management

… and everywhere there are shelves!

Optimize retail shelf layout with live data

Shelf organization in retail is essential, because the sales area must be used optimally and increase the sales of the stores. Therefore, high-turnover and popular products are allocated a better place on the shelf.

Optimally stock shelf zones

Shelves have different zones, some of which are extremely attractive to place their own products, such as directly at the eye level of the customer. Planograms are used in retail to visualize and optimize these places. So, the important thing in creating these is the sales data of an item.

Optimize planogram: use neoalto software & push sales

With neoalto’s software, this data can be collected easily and in real time and mapped in planograms. For this purpose, the goods feed system in the shelf is equipped with a sensor that continuously measures the goods movements in the shelf and transmits them to the neoalto Cloud. This way you get live data on the sales of your products and thus also on turnover.

Numbered are the days of shortages or empty shelves in retail. Because our technology allows you to easily optimize planograms for individual stores without much effort.

Optimize planograms with neoalto

Functions & advantages at a glance

Automated inventory monitoring
Goods movements directly on the shelf
Always keep an eye on inventory
Perfect availability of goods (no out-of-shelf)
Live performance data for items, articles and categories
Identification of tops and flops in the product portfolio
Optimized procurement and storage
Data analysis in real time and directly to your cell phone
Optimization of the point of sale appearance
Minimal order costs through neoalto
Category Management Optimization
Enormous time gain for skilled work

Smart Shelf & neoalto Cloud - Revolutionize your shelves

We at neoalto are your holistic partner when it comes to optimizing your appearance and processes at the point of sale. By upgrading your shelves to Smart Shelf solutions, you reduce manual efforts, receive live data directly to your cell phone and know the inventory of individual products at any time.

Don’t leave your product presentation to chance. Use neoalto for attractive and tidy shelves in each of your stores!

Inventory Management

Automatic Ordering

Optimize field service

Theft prevention

Let us convince you of our products!

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