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Inventory Management

Optimize your stock management with neoalto

Gain valuable insights for inventory optimization with neoalto and avoid long delivery times and bottlenecks on the shelf. Our smart shelves and intelligent data analysis improve your service in retail and industry.

With neoalto you can easily optimize inventory management and optimal assortment planning!

neoalto is revolutionizing a wide range of industries and sectors, such as:

the trade

the industry

the health care system

the C-parts management

… and everywhere there are shelves!

How does the neoalto Stock Beacon work?

The Smart Shelf is equipped with laser technology and measures the inventory of your shelf in real time. The data measured in this process is transmitted to the connected Retail Service Cloud and made available to the user via digital end devices.

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Let your Smart Shelf order for you

Measuring inventories with the Smart Shelf

The sensor technology allows goods movements and inventory levels at different placements and locations to be determined and transmitted to the linked cloud application.

This information on product withdrawals not only provides you with information on the current stock of your placements at the point of sale, but also allows you to draw conclusions on advertising effectiveness or monitor the performance of secondary placements.

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How to optimize your inventory management

For optimal stocking

Use data to optimize your inventory management and ensure seamless product availability. With neoalto you bring your shelves online.

Transparency within your inventories

With neoalto you can see shortages and overstocks at a glance in a clear dashboard. In doing so, our data enables real-time determination of inventory levels at different locations, such as individual stores.

Demand planning & automatic ordering thanks to intelligent software

Get better forecasts on your inventory planning. Through the data in our cloud, the AI determines the optimal inventory level and makes automatic orders based on it. This way you eliminate manual efforts, save time and personnel and always have optimal availability of your products, C-parts or goods.

Evaluation of top and flop products

Inventory management not only ensures optimal stocking, but also helps you identify strong and weak items. Live inventory allows you to evaluate different products, placements and categories. This allows you to invest in high-performing, high-traffic items and reduce overstock on the wrong products.

Use resources effectively

Online inventory management has the great advantage that your sales force can be targeted – to where goods are really missing. Avoid unnecessary sales tours and create more time for important things. Because with the neoalto Cloud you are always well informed where there is a need at the moment.

Supplier management for optimal stocking

Analyze the data obtained to identify weaknesses and bottlenecks within supply chains. Reduce delivery times with predictive automated ordering through our AI software to improve service to your customers. For optimal stockpiling in every industry!

Optimize inventory management with the digital shelf

All neoalto features & benefits at a glance

Automated inventory monitoring
Goods movements directly on the shelf
Always keep an eye on inventory
Perfect availability of goods (no out-of-shelf)
Live performance data for placements, articles and categories
Identification of tops and flops in the product portfolio
Optimized procurement and storage
Data analysis in real time and directly to your cell phone
Optimization of the point of sale appearance
Minimal order costs through neoalto
Category Management Optimization
Enormous time gain for skilled work

neoalto: Your integrated partner for analyses at the point of sale

By optimizing your inventory planning, resources can be used efficiently. Take advantage of neoalto and always keep track of the stock on your shelves.

Measure advertising effectiveness

Measure second places

Optimize planograms

Market research on the shelf

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