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Advertising effectiveness research

Measure your advertising impact with neoalto

Are you looking for a partner for advertising effectiveness research? Then you are in the right place. We are your qualified partner when it comes to measuring your advertising effectiveness at the point of sale.

neoalto is revolutionizing a wide range of industries and sectors, such as:

the trade

the industry

the health care system

the C-parts management

… and everywhere there are shelves!

What is meant by advertising effectiveness research?

Advertising effectiveness research is the empirical testing of the success of a product presentation. If you are wondering whether your products are optimally presented in the market, if you are cannibalizing yourself by placing your products in several display stands, or if you have an idea for a completely new presentation of goods, we at neoalto can help you measure the effect of your advertising measure at the point of sale for you.

How can the advertising impact be measured?

The advertising impact of individual products, placements and locations can be analyzed on the basis of consumer behavior. How many visitors take your product in their hands? How many are putting it back? Which position works better? Which location is more popular? These and many other data can be analyzed and evaluated with the neoalto Smart Shelf.

Advertising effectiveness research with our Smart Shelf

Thanks to the combination of hardware and software, our Smart Shelf systems provide you with a wealth of information – directly from the shelf.

Our shelf sensor elements are installed in POS TUNING’s merchandise feeding systems. The so-called stock beacons send information on goods movements and inventory to the linked cloud application. This collects the data and processes them using intelligent algorithms.

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Market research data? Straight off the shelf!

Advantages of an advertising effectiveness analysis

By analyzing product movements on the shelf, exciting category and shopper insights can be derived. Our shelving systems, equipped with sensor technology, analyze the movement of goods at the point of sale. The information obtained can be used to generate exciting reports on rankings, top performers and promo placements. You can use the promo slots identified to place your new product launches and maximize your profits.

Measure advertising impact with Smart Shelf

Functions & advantages at a glance

Automated inventory monitoring
Goods movements directly on the shelf
Always keep an eye on inventory
Perfect availability of goods (no out-of-shelf)
Live performance data for placements, articles and categories
Identification of tops and flops in the product portfolio
Optimized procurement and storage
Data analysis in real time and directly to your cell phone
Optimization of the point of sale appearance
Minimal order costs through neoalto
Category Management Optimization
Enormous time gain for skilled work

Smart Shelf & neoalto Cloud - Innovation for the retail industry

Don’t leave your product presentation to chance. Measure your advertising effectiveness with neoalto’s advertising effectiveness research and use additional functions for more turnover and sales!

Measure product launch

Market research on the shelf

Inventory Management

Measure second place

Let us convince you of our products!

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