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Measure second places

Successful presentation of goods at the second location

Push your sales with neoalto’s software! Through our algorithms and live data directly from the shelf, you can make the performance of your secondary placements measurable and push the optimal product placement in the market.

neoalto is revolutionizing a wide range of industries and sectors, such as:

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What is a secondary placement in the market?

A secondary placement means that an additional sales space at a different location in the store is used for a product. This additional placement is intended to direct the customer’s interest and encourage him to make a purchase. Shoppers therefore encounter the product several times while shopping – usually at prominent and highly frequented locations in the store. Either near products of a similar nature or in places where the customer does not expect them. Secondary placements are ideal for existing products, but also for new product launches.

There are two different options for this: A seasonal secondary placement for a short time or a fixed secondary placement.

Seasonal placement / promotion placement

Seasonal secondary placements are often made on special occasions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. This allows you to serve seasonal trends without having to adjust your regular placements accordingly. Valentine’s Day chocolates, for example, are placed in the checkout area to promote sales. With neoalto you can easily evaluate the success of this secondary placement and consult the data for subsequent actions.

Cross Selling / Composite Placement

For a permanent placement, it is a good idea to place the products near other products that are often bought together or at the top of the shelf of similar products. We know this from the nibbles near sodas, soft drinks and alcoholic products, as they like to be bought together.

How compound placement works at the point of sale finally becomes measurable through neoalto.

How we measure your success at the point of sale

A secondary placement can increase sales and therefore revenue – but how do you measure how successful the placement was? Use the innovative solution from neoalto for this.

We measure your success in detail directly on your shelf – and in real time. Thanks to the shelf sensor system, which is attached directly to the goods feed system, every movement of goods can be optimally measured. The calibrated sensor system continuously measures the distances on the shelf and thus makes statements and analyses about the product withdrawals directly at the point of sale.

However, we do not only transmit the data from the sale to you, but also any movement of goods at the point of sale. This way, you not only always have a live view of your inventory, but also of the general interest of shoppers in your products.

In addition, we reduce your manual processes to a minimum and take care of both inventories and optimal availability of goods through automatic ordering.

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The advantages of a secondary placement in the trade

  • Visual incentives for the shopper
  • Positively influence the purchase decision
  • Increase impulse purchases
  • Push seasonal products
  • Positive surprises in the buying experience
  • Accurate measurement data for future measures
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Second place measurement with neoalto

Functions & advantages at a glance

Automated inventory monitoring
Goods movements directly on the shelf
Always keep an eye on inventory
Perfect availability of goods (no out-of-shelf)
Live performance data for items, articles and categories
Identification of tops and flops in the product portfolio
Optimized procurement and storage
Data analysis in real time and directly to your cell phone
Optimization of the point of sale appearance
Minimal order costs through neoalto
Category Management Optimization
Enormous time gain for skilled work

Smart Shelf & neoalto Cloud - Innovation for the retail industry

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