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Activation Services

Notifications in real time

Intervene when necessary – neoalto activation services report events just in time

Where are goods missing?
For which products do unusual goods movements take place?
Where do your employees need to intervene and how?

The neoalto activation services inform you about your preferred communication channel. The neoalto activaton services trigger event-based actions in other applications and systems via web-based interfaces.

The Smart Shelf from neoalto digitizes your shelves in various industries and areas, such as:

in trade

in the industry

in health care

in C-parts management

… and everywhere there are shelves!

This is how Activation Services work

Your advantages:

  • Optimally target field sales: Send your sales force to the places where goods are missing and help is needed. Get real-time information about out-fo-stock products.
  • Theft prevention: The neoalto Cloud alerts you to possible thefts based on suspicious goods movements on the shelf. Don’t give shoplifters a chance!
  • Optimal stocking: Be informed about out-fo-stock products in real time. For a better availability of goods!

Innovative solutions through neoalto

More than just data analysis

Smart Shelf

Goods movements direct
on your shelf.

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Analytic Services

From analyses
in real time.

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Automatic Ordering

completely without
manual effort.

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Activation Services

important announcements
directly to your cell phone.

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