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Smart Shelf

Live data from your shelf

Create more time for the essentials – automate and digitalize your goods supply with neoalto.

On the basis of POS TUNING merchandise feeds, you ensure permanently good visibility and accessibility. In combination with the neoalto stock beacons, you can detect all goods movements and create the data basis for efficient processes. The neoalto beacon gateway ensures secure data transfer.

The Smart Shelf from neoalto digitizes your shelves in various industries and areas, such as:

in trade

in the industry

in health care

in C-parts management

… and everywhere there are shelves!

How does the Smart Shelf from neoalto work?

In order to always offer your customers the product they want, in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place, a smart shelf is essential for inventory management. Avoid out-of-stock situations and ensure constant availability of goods by relying on the Smart Shelf.

Our solution for optimizing your merchandise management is the Stock Bacon sensor element, which, in combination with the neoalto Retail Service Cloud, transforms a shelf into a Smart Shelf. The Stock Bacon adds advanced laser technology to your merchandise feed that measures and reports real-time inventory on the shelf to the cloud.

You can access the cloud at any time to check inventory and trigger automatic orders. By using the Smart Shelf, you not only reduce out-of-stock situations and increase merchandise availability, but also save costs by reducing labor. Your employees can thus concentrate more on customer service and you generate more sales and revenue in the long term.

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Innovative solutions through neoalto

More than just a smart shelf

Smart Shelf

Goods movements direct
on your shelf.

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Analytic Services

From analyses
in real time.

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Automatic Ordering

completely without
manual effort.

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Activation Services

important announcements
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Case study results through the implementation of neoalto technology:

  • Concentration on one supplier
  • Optimization of the availability of goods by 75
  • Reduction of process costs by 27
  • Every month 11 hours more time for skilled work
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