We turn stock movement into innovative stock data services

An overview of the versatile scope of application for the Neoalto’s Data Services is found in the short video from the Retail Design Expo in London:

Digital Services summary at the Retail Design Expo in London, May 2018.

Neoalto Stock Data Services 

Neoalto’s Data Services are a break-through in retail technology. We know exactly what is happening at the shelf. The stock data services utilize a unique and¬†proprietary sensor, which we call the Stock Beacon. It is a small device that can be attached to the back side of any POS Tuning pushfeed system (POS pushfeed systems ensure that the products are always positioned at the very front of the shelf by pushing the products from behind whenever one is removed from the shelf). Neoalto knows the exact amount of products that are placed in one facing. We can notify our subscribers about every event. Events include stock changes, low and out of stock alerts, as well as thefts. Subscribers are databases, ERP systems, cash register systems and camera surveillance systems. The data is utilized to continously optimize the whole in-store process and optimize the right stock fill levels.

Neoalto Analytics

Uncover your potential for optimisation with our analytics system. You have no investment costs. You only pay for the data and information that is of interest to you. Neoalto deals with the installation and operation of the necessary infrastructure. You can access the data with any web compatible end device on your personal online platform.

Your advantages with Neoalto’s Data Services:

  • Permanent real-time inventory
  • No more out-of-stocks
  • In-depth analytics
  • Recognize sweeps and avoid theft
  • Minimize backroom-stock