Retail processes.

neoalto combines sensor technology and data services.
Offline and online merge and offer optimal solutions – for you and your customers.

Smart, fully automated and service-driven.

The digital POS

Revolutionize your store.
With our sensor technology and data service, you offer your customers the most convenient, transparent and emotional shopping experience.
Shoppers always find exactly what they are looking for – and where they are looking for it. And it saves you save time, money and trouble.

Our IoT (Internet of Things) sensors for your store record movements of goods, customers and employees in the neoalto Retail Service Cloud. The cloud automatically triggers actions: Re-order goods, detect thefts, provide customers with relevant information and much more.

With the neoalto Retail Service Cloud you will understand the behaviour of customers in your market even better. A wide variety of reports, complete data transparency and constant availability make Shopper Analytics easy to use and highly effective.

That’s how you do business!