Automatic Ordering

Let your shelf order for you!

Automatic Orders – placed directly from your shelf, no manual effort needed.

Let your shelf do all the work, with smart shelf solutions from neoalto.

Receive real-time information about your inventory and stock movements, anytime, and anywhere.

neoalto‘s Automatic Ordering revolutionizes ordering processes in retail, industry, healthcare and wherever there are shelves.

Discover how POS TUNING saves 27 percent process costs
with Automatic Ordering

Digitize your inventory management

Eliminate the manual effort for your orders, with the neoalto order automation.

Sensors in the shelves determine the stock with state-of-the-art laser technology and the smart cloud application knows when and how much needs to be reordered.

With each removal, the remaining products are automatically pushed to the front by the POS TUNING push feed system.

Keeping your shelves neat and tidy and making sure, everything’s within reach.

Your Benefits

Eliminate manual effort for orders – with digital inventory management

Reduce out of stock
and benefit from perfect
availability of goods

Optimize your supply with permanent inventory and data analytics in real-time

Reduce your ordering costs and protect the environment – with your optimal order frequency

Gain time for skilled work by eliminating manual effort for orders and stock counting

Get started!
Smart shelves
without capital spending.

Connect your smart shelves to the Internet of Things (IoT)

The neoalto IoT-technology measures stock and stock movements directly in the shelf.

The data is transmitted to the neoalto Service Cloud in real-time, where it builds the data basis for automatic orders, and additional applications and analysis.

Individual frame parameters allow you to regulate your stock according to demand, sales, and warehouse capacity easily for each article.

As soon as an article reaches its reorder level, it is automatically placed in the electronic shopping cart – and is thus included in the next order.

Eliminate all efforts for stock counting as well as placing and processing manual orders.

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