Our Team

We are neoalto!

We combine the competence in retail and consumer goods
of POS Tuning’s industry experts with the expertise
of agile developers, people who think outside the box and digital experts.

We’re passionate about retail, and digitization is what drives us.
Making the stationary trade of the future competitive
and seeing your customers happy – that’s our mission.

René Bredlau
René BredlauDigital Pioneer
Oliver Voßhenrich
Oliver VoßhenrichRetail Expert
Ute Bohnenkamp
Ute BohnenkampProject Manager & Nerd Compensator
Stefan Hanke
Stefan HankeDeveloper and Bug Chaser
Heinrich Kreuder
Heinrich Kreuder Account Manager and Mr. Customer-Friendly
Marian Momper
Marian Momper Developer and Code Tamer