We turn stock movement into knowledge

Neoalto combines stock data with state of the art localisation to merge the virtual and physical shopping cart. A unique mobile shopping experience to address todays shopper desires:

  • WHY should a shopper accept that the advertised products are not at the POS in the desired time and quality?
  • WHY should a shopper accept that he/she is wasting a majority of the time to search for desired products?
  • WHY should a shopper waste time and nerves while standing in a queue, then putting all items on the belt at the check-out only to put them back into bags or the shopping cart again while feeling stressed the whole time?
  • WHY should companies wait for market research data to analyse how their new product or promotion is performing?

Digitalisation and E-Commerce are changing today‘s shopper expectations. In order to secure their future, stationary retailers have to set higher standards and offer shoppers the perfect shopping experience.

With our new digital solution we will revolutionise the future of retail. We will optimise logistic processes with our beacon sensor technology to ensure that out-of-stocks will no longer be a problem.

We offer market research tools for tracking promotions and new product performance. We provide insights regarding located-based sales per facing with our beacon sensor technology

We will enable a comfortable shopping without cash-point and cashier and even without self-scanning therefore we will revolutionize todays mobile shopping experience.

The future for mobile shopping:

Founder Oliver Voßhenrich talks about the visions of shopping