The neoalto
Retail Service Cloud

Your convenience store goes online! With neoalto sensor technology and software you can create the retail business of the future.

Improve your service with our smart solutions for retail and industry: with smart shelfs, data analysis and self-checkout.

You do the business.
We develop your digital infrastructure.

Save on expensive,
manual processes.

Turn your stock movement
into knowledge.

Shopping in convenience stores is about to get as intuitive and easy as online shopping.

Digitalize your processes and get to know your customers even better – fully automated.

No extra effort and no technical know-how needed – invisible for your customers.

With neoalto

… you can avoid expensive and yet insufficient manual processes.

… you can recapture your business from online marketplaces – with smart solutions!

… you make shopping more fun for your customers! Thanks to personalization and full availability of their favorite goods.

Smart solutions improve your retail service and save your resources – fully automated and with no extra efford.

With the Internet of Things and Cloud-Services, we bring the best from the online world into your store.

70% of all customers think that convenience stores provide better service. 80% love the personal contact and the immediate availability. Proof them right!

Discover the digital solutions
of the neoalto Retail Service Cloud.

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Our Team

René Bredlau
René Bredlau
Oliver Voßhenrich
Oliver Voßhenrich
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