Neoalto – the retail service cloud

Neoalto is your partner in optimizing your trade and logistics processes with innovative digital solutions and outstanding beacon technology. We turn every stock movement into data. Shoppers can find his or her desired product in sufficient quantities at the expected location at all times.

Neoalto is a startup company powered by POS Tuning. Since the founding of POS Tuning in 1998 the company has been developing solutions which offer benefits for both retailer and consumer. Originating from the realization that customers can only buy what they also see, the first product was an automatic pushfeed system for the shelf. Further successful and prize-winning developments have established themselves in the market as new standards in product presentation. Today POS Tuning operates as a global player with customers in 120 countries. In order to focus on the increasing expectations towards the digitalisation of trading and logistics processes, Neoalto was founded in 2018.

Digitalisation changes the shopping process of the future – stay on track with Neoalto

  • 60 % of the shoppers do expect that retail will invest in digital technologies, They highly await to further merge online and offline trade for more convenience*
  • 70 % of the shoppers think that stationary retail provides clearly better service than online trade*
  • 80 % love the look-and-feel experience and the immediate availibilty of the goods*

*Source: BITKOM – Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V, March 2018