The neoalto Service Cloud

Reduce your costs
Increase your turnover
Optimize your stock
Digitize and automate your processes
Benefit from smart shelves

With sensor-based cloud technology from neoalto!

Our neoalto Stock Beacons and IoT-Technology​ allow customers around the world​ to turn their “normal” shelves into Smart Shelf Solutions.​

With neoalto, everyone can keep track of inventory,​ send out orders automatically, engage field force and shoppers digitally and​ benefit from several other service functions like market research or triggered media.​

Discover how POS TUNING saves 27 percent process costs
with Automatic Ordering

The neoalto Value Chain

Your Benefits

Smart Shelf made easy with neoalto!

Avoid out of stock with optimized stock management

Reduce costs with automatic ordering

Enhance your marketing research with intelligent data analytics in real-time

Manage your field teams more efficiently with perpetual inventory

Facilitate restocking with customized requisition notes

Prevent shop lifting with live alerts via instant messages

Rely on the secure cloud technology of Microsoft Azure

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