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Digital market research on the shelf

With our market research software from neoalto

Placing the right products in the right quantities in the right supermarket continues to be a challenge for many brands. With neoalto’s digital market research, you can now determine exactly that. Learn more here!

neoalto is revolutionizing a wide range of industries and sectors, such as:

the trade

the industry

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the C-parts management

… and everywhere there are shelves!

What is digital market research in retail?

Digital market research involves analyzing the market, customer needs and customer behavior using artificial intelligence. Information that our sensor-based cloud technology from neoalto collects and processes on goods movements, inventory and promo placements serves as the data basis. The intelligent algorithm of our cloud application determines exciting reports from the collected data that help you better understand and leverage your market.

Market analysis in retail: What can be measured?

Where on the shelf is the shopper most likely to access the product? Which locations are the most popular? Are your refrigerated products cannibalizing your standard placements? With our sensor-based cloud technology from neoalto, you get valuable insights about your products and placement in the supermarket.

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Market research data? Straight off the shelf!

Digital market research in real time

Which sales channel is particularly worthwhile and for which region should you improve your promotions? With our cloud-based technology from neoalto, your retail product placements can be specifically evaluated and optimized – in real time! Just use our Smart Shelf and use our Service Cloud for real-time reports directly to your cell phone.

Intelligent digital market research software thanks to AI and Big Data

To get solid results on best-performing categories, promo slots, and best-sellers, our cloud technology needs a lot of data. This Big Data is processed using artificial intelligence and meaningful reports are created from it. Our AI-supported cloud application also generates process-optimized actions from the data obtained and takes over the ordering processes for you in a fully automated manner.

4 steps to more sales through digital market research

  1. Use the shelf optimizations of POS TUNING.
  2. Upgrade your shelves with digital sensor technology from neoalto.
  3. Measure inventory levels and goods movements
    and optimize goods availability.
  4. Collect data and let our system optimize your processes.
    For optimal product placement in the supermarket.

Digital market research with neoalto

Functions & advantages at a glance

Automated inventory monitoring
Goods movements directly on the shelf
Always keep an eye on inventory
Perfect availability of goods (no out-of-shelf)
Live performance data for placements, articles and categories
Identification of tops and flops in the product portfolio
Optimized procurement and storage
Data analysis in real time and directly to your cell phone
Optimization of the point of sale appearance
Minimal order costs through neoalto
Category Management Optimization
Enormous time gain for skilled work

4 steps to more sales through digital market research

  • Understand customer needs: Get to know your customers better. In our Service Cloud from neoalto, you get exciting insights into the behavior of your customers and learn about their needs and expectations.
  • Always up-to-date: Our cloud-based technology offers you a wide range of evaluation options thanks to complete data transparency. With our Service Cloud from neoalto, you always stay up to date and know exactly how many products are on which shelf at which location.
  • Optimize product placement in the supermarket: Use information on popular promo placements, top-selling products and customer needs to optimize product placement at retail and increase your sales.
  • Increase sales through process optimization: Take full advantage of digital market research and use automatic notifications when it’s time to restock the shelf again, or leave the ordering to our intelligent AI-powered software right away. Not only do you save time and manpower in the field, but you also ensure the seamless availability of goods on your shelves.

Let our experts advise you on your options for digital market research in retail!

Smart Shelf & neoalto Cloud - Innovation for the retail industry

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